Terraform™ Automation & Collaboration Software (TACOS) Pricing Calculator

Pricing for Terraform™ Automation & Collaboration Software (or TACOS) can be complex. Here's our attempt to help you have a clearer view - by the folks at Scalr.

Pull requests are welcome and encouraged. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

TACOS implement both state management (storing & locking state) and remote operations (runs, policy checks, cost estimations, ...) as well as a consistent execution environment and powerful access controls.

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Below is the comparison table on which the calculator has been built:
Terraform™ Cloud Scalr
Terraform™ Cloud Free Terraform™ Cloud Team Terraform™ Cloud Business Scalr Free Scalr Promo
Price per user Free up to 5 users $20/user/month $36/user/month Free up to 5 users $20/active user/month
Price per extra concurrent run - - $5,000/year - Free upon approval
Price per apply Unlimited applies Unlimited applies $4.5/run (plan and/or apply) Unlimited applies Unlimited applies
SSO No No Yes Yes (Google, GitHub) Yes (Google, GitHub, SAML 2.0 IDP)
Roles & teams No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Policy engine No No Yes Yes Yes
Cost estimation No No Yes Yes Yes
Policy dry runs No No No No Yes

Prices are up to date as of 2021/04/30.

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